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Risk Management Services

T.E. Brennan Company offers risk management and management consulting, as well as expert witness testimony.

We do not accept contingent fees, commissions or profit sharing arrangements with a client, broker, administrative service, insurer, reinsurer or agent. The unique feature of our service is that it is completely independent, impartial and objective. We are a fee-for-service firm compensated directly by our clients.

T.E. Brennan Company has a long history of maintaining a professional reputation and performing only to the highest ethical standards.

We seek employers in the public, private and non-profit areas whose capabilities are insufficient, who lack risk management expertise, or have a specific risk management need.

Our clients consist of corporations, health care delivery systems, school districts, county and city governments, manufacturers, law firms, archdioceses, religious organizations, not-for-profit organizations, country clubs and large personal accounts and estates.

In risk management we provide audits, review of policies, due diligence insurance reviews for mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, competitive marketing of policies, workers compensation reserve adjusting, adjustment of property and business interruption losses, as well as many other related areas.

Our clientele has historically been developed through referrals from clients, legal and accounting professionals and financial institutions.

The technical knowledge of our consultants and the areas in which they counsel requires that we hire only individuals who truly know the industry. They have broad and varied backgrounds, enabling them to understand the far-reaching requirements and expectations of the clients they serve.

This expertise must be delivered without error or omission and in a manner that clearly communicates all desired actions and future conditions or consequences.

 The benefit of the services to our clientele are to:

  • Identify those risks that should be transferred or retained
  • Determine the appropriate funding
  • Communicate the specifics to the involved parties
Risk management clients can best be served by identifying the exposures to risk and then designing a risk management and insurance program that will reasonably and properly protect assets within practical means. In this way, deficiencies and redundancies are eliminated.

A number of consultants at T. E. Brennan Company are members of the Society of Risk Management Consultants (SRMC). No SRMC member may have an actual or potential conflict of interest arising from either the sale of insurance or a provision of services to an insurance agent or broker for remuneration of any kind.

We continuously learn about new strategies, legislation, alliances, etc., that are part of insurance reform.

We provide expert witness testimony for risk management issues.

Meeting our clients’ risk management needs to the highest ethical standards since 1895.