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T.E. Brennan Company has worked with companies and organizations in many industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, municipalities, and schools/districts, among others.

Each industry has specific issues and requirements, but all our customers receive the same unbiased advice and comprehensive services tailored to their needs.

What Others Are Saying

“If there is a better word than “expert” on risk management and insurance, I surely cannot think of it. Arlene is the best in the business at helping businesses of all sizes manage their risk…and insurance is only one option. If you own a business, you need to contact Arlene and her team to discuss your risk management options.”

Michael Nicloy
Nico 11 Publishing & Design
Mukwonago, WI

“T.E. Brennan Company provided an in-depth analysis of our insurance needs. They assisted us in bidding, in reviewing and in recommending coverage and agents. The depth of knowledge, insight and ease of the process was commendable. Although as part of the engagement they would not commit to saving us money, not only did they save us a considerable amount of money, but provided better value for the amounts that I do pay. My best recommendation is that I continue to contract with them which demonstrates my faith and trust in them.”

Lawrence Paplham
Former Chief Financial Officer
Community Care, Inc.
Brookfield, WI

“What T.E. Brennan does for Jefferson County?  T.E. Brennan is our independent insurance consultant for general and property insurance.  They evaluate our current and future policies and advise us on our options for coverage.  Based on our past experience T.E. Brennan makes recommendations on our coverage.  Being in my position for only one year, I have benefited greatly by having T.E. Brennan’s expertise.”

Barbara A. Frank
Jefferson County Clerk
Jefferson, WI,

“T.E. Brennan is the best investment you can make for your insurance dollars. They know the right kind of coverage for school districts and work hard to find the right provider at the right price.”

Jack Amadio
Superior School District
Superior, WI

“As an executive at a boutique SMB, finding a risk consultant that understands our unique business model was a must. T.E. Brennan has fit the bill perfectly. Whether it is reviewing existing coverages for adjustments to limits and/or coverages, ensuring that policies are issued with the correct language, managing the claim process, and everything in between, I know that our company is in good hands with Arlene. If you are looking for a risk consultant who provides timely, thorough, and personalized analysis, look no further than T.E. Brennan.”

Scott Engstrom
COO and Corporate Counsel
De Pere, WI

“I have relied on the knowledge and experience of T.E. Brennan Company for the past 16 years. I value their expertise with regard to the school district insurance environment. They know what insurance coverages will meet the unique needs of a school district and they are in tune with changes and new products in the insurance marketplace. T.E. Brennan Company helped me to better understand cyber liability risks and they assisted me in obtaining coverage for this exposure. They prepare an estimate of insurance costs every year so that I can build this cost into my annual budget. T.E. Brennan Company also offered advice during a claim situation that occurred during a construction project at one of our buildings. They assist with the renewal process every year and they coordinate marketing projects on an as needed basis. T.E. Brennan Company has been a good investment for our District. I have never had a disappointing experience with them.”

Bryan Ruud
Assistant Superintendent of Business Services
Hamilton School District
Sussex, WI

“Having worked with T.E. Brennan during the last twenty-seven years, it came as no surprise that I immediately contacted them when my partner and I considered purchasing an ongoing business with a rather risky product offering. I had continuously experienced their professionalism, integrity and independence; therefore, I knew that their industry knowledge, along with their approach of presenting a variety of options, would provide the valuable guidance needed to evaluate this acquisition. T.E. Brennan’s approach is to work hand-in-hand with insurance brokers to provide the best possible programs for all their clients. Today, we regard T.E. Brennan with great esteem, as a valued resource in all of our risk management and insurance programs.”

Mike Hein
Former Co-Owner
BASO Gas Products, LLC
Watertown, WI

“We have relied on the expertise of T.E. Brennan for many years to provide us with timely and relevant advice on our risk management program.  T.E. Brennan collaborates with us ongoing by reviewing insurance policies for accuracy, coordinating marketing of coverages as needed, and preparing Consultants Certificates.  We appreciate the independent perspective offered by T.E. Brennan to assist in identifying various emerging risks and appropriate mitigation strategies.”

David Berry
Risk Manager
Meriter Health Services, Inc.
Madison, WI

“Sargento Foods Inc. has been a client of T.E. Brennan Company for four years. The services provided have included a Risk Management Review, the coordination of a Request for Proposal for selected coverage and assistance with on-going questions relating to the insurance environment. Arlene Petersen has provided excellent service. Her knowledge of the industry has helped identify areas of opportunity for us, both in terms of competitive pricing and improved coverage.”

Marcy Stanczyk
Sargento Foods Inc.
Plymouth, WI

“Tammy worked with me using her knowledge and expertise to develop a consumer driven, self funded health insurance plan that was years ahead of its time in terms of its design and consumer focus. The plan itself saved hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of the following decade by focusing on preventative care and identifying risk factors within the population to offer education so that our employees were offered a personal stake in reducing their health costs. Implementing that health insurance plan remains one of the career accomplishments of which I am most proud.

Over the years, I have relied on Tammy’s advice to set up or modify other health plans and I have sought her advice on property and casualty insurance issues. Even when I wasn’t her customer, I found her recommendations to be spot on and she always took time to talk to me.

Someone once told me that there are three types of salespeople/consultants – those you try to avoid, those you tolerate because they have a good product and those you are genuinely happy to see. Tammy is one of those people that you are always happy to see in the doorway to your office – she gives great advice and focuses on how she can help you succeed at what you are trying to accomplish.”

Patrick Keefe
Chief Financial Officer
Greater Minnesota Housing Fund

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