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Why should you work with T.E. Brennan Company?

Here are 8 key reasons for working with us:


  • You won’t be sold on insurance products that you do not need because we do not sell insurance.

2.We archive complete sets of policies – property and casualty or employee benefits.

  • You won’t have to reconstruct old policies in order to file a claim.

3.We read the entire policy.

  • Allows you to understand it in layman terms.

4.We identify endorsements that are required to meet your needs.

  • Address gaps in your coverage prior to a loss.

5.We work for you on claims.

  • We advocate for you to the agent and the carrier so that you are compensated as fully as possible in the event of a loss.

6.We can save you money in the ‘bidding’ (insurance marketing) process.

  • You may obtain higher dividends and better pricing.

7.We update you on employee benefit changes that may potentially affect your business.

  • Allows you to understand these changes and make better decisions.

8.We review your compliance with human resource procedures.

  • Helps to minimize your exposure to loss.

Meeting our clients’ risk management needs to the highest ethical standards since 1895.